Thousands of years ago, near the end of the ice age, humans once again dwelt on fertile land. But a new challenge awaits! The ice is still melting, and that fertile land will soon be flooded. All living creatures must escape to the mountains. Your engravings and cave paintings will stand the test of time, and the skills you have honed will be passed on to your descendants. It’s up to you to leave your “footprints on the ground” for the generations to come.

Come Together

In Come Together, you organize your own festival, using your volunteers to attract an audience and the hottest artists, build stages and camps, and gain publicity to make your festival the best of all time!


Far to the north, in a remote winter land, rivers are frozen most of the year. When the villages along the riverside eventually are accessible, a small river cruise company offers exotic tours like polar bear safaris, reindeer trips, ice fishing, and more. Lucky tourists may even get a chance to see the northern lights.

You work as a tour guide trying to attract tourists to your guide boats for spectacular excursions.

Doodle Dash

The party game where everyone draws simultaneously, and anyone can win.

Speed can beat skill as long as the guesser can understand what you draw.

But you should also expect hilarious outcomes sometimes!